DM Ashura

In the world of Electronica and Dance music there are many artists that use rapid ambient beats. One artist that has created a lot of notoriety in this music genre is DM Ashura. Born as William James Robert Shillito in Brooklyn, New York on March 26th 1986, he began playing piano at the age of two. By the age of eight he began composing music and learned to play the viola by age twelve. DM Ashura is known for his work for games such as O2 Jam with titles Euphorium, GO! and Astral. His work can be heard on games made for Xbox and Xbox360 to rave reviews.

He chose the name Ashura, which means fighting demon in Japanese. At the age of twenty six he has earned a lot of success in game music markets in both Japan and Malaysia. He continues to compose new music tracks that create an atmosphere of ambient euphoria. His work for the game Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 was part of the game’s success in the market regarding sales. Noting the creative genius of this artist given his musical background and starting at an early age, the drive for creating music is why he has earned success so many times.

In 2007 he released his first album Digital Maestro which created a media sensation at Anime Central. On the album is music featured by guitarist Ricky Graham who was instrumental in helping to create the music for this album. Winning first place at a music competition for Konami at was enough to put him into the league of such artists like Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren. His creativity and musical knowledge creates a ground work for ground breaking music. When not on tour or working he can be found at his home in Atlanta, Georgia.

The future of this artist will be bright in terms of future opportunities and success. After all of the work DM Ashura has done since 2005, there will be more tracks of music being composed. Out of all the tracks he has created over the years, it’s his drive to create which is part of his long running success. As any music artist would tell the press about working to create music, it is not all about business. It’s innovation and creativity that drives artists to create music for the masses, hard work and dedication are part of the music making process.

DM Ashura will continue to create new and exciting tracks for video games as well as making albums.
He will continue to feature musicians that are at the top of their fields on future albums. Who knows what this artist will do next to create the new tracks that inspire people to dance.